Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blessings in disguise

I'm pretty sure that nothing will make me happy.  Living in Jordan was awesome until it bummed me out. Visiting home made me ecstatic until I had to leave behind the BF and his family, I came into America bawling my eyes out.  Then, I see my dad, my friends, people I love and my heart fills with joy... only until it comes crashing down in a pile of broken computers, crappy cell phones, unidentified illness and an injured kitty.  I'm just discouraged and watching the news doesn't help.  I wanted this vacation to be rejuvenating, relaxing, refreshing and I feel as if it's all the opposite.  I miss my Jordanian home, my Jordanian family and yet I just wish I could transplant a Target store to Amman to put a huge smile on my face.

I must remind myself that just can't happen and believe it or not, these difficulties and tests are magnificent blessings.  They teach.  They teach so much! They teach patience and appreciation. They teach love and kindness. They allow for growth and understanding. How bountiful! I know I can't have everything, but if I can have at least something, I'll be more than blessed. Let's all remind ourselves of that.  I know that I need some help with it sometimes. So hey, human family, how about we band together and remember that we can learn from everything.